Scanning into ICANotes Just Got Easier with Inofile

Boise, ID (February 3, 2014)  – Inofile announced today the extended connectivity of its software to web-based EMR and EHR systems, including ICANotes.

ICANotes, a comprehensive electronic healthcare records solution for psychiatry and behavioral health professionals, selected Inofile ChartMD™ as a preferred solution to help its customers maximize the flexibility of its web-based solution. Embedded on Fujitsu network scanners, Inofile ChartMD™ helps practices transform the large volumes of paper-based, unstructured information into standards-based electronic formats that can now be directly integrated into ICANotes. ChartMD also eliminates labor-intensive manual scanning efforts with minimal investment or changes to existing processes.

“As a web-based EMR, we value the power and flexibility that Inofile ChartMD provides to our customers, specifically how easily it attaches notes, paperwork, charts, and other loose filings directly to the patient record,” said Sandy Crowley, director of marketing, ICANotes. “Both ICANotes and Inofile are dedicated to improving patient outcomes by enabling health professionals to make the best decisions possible. ChartMD helps practices complete the patient record and ICANotes makes this information accessible wherever and whenever they need it, to elevate the quality of care.”

“Combining Inofile technology with ICANotes is a significant step forward for any organization that serves patients, especially those who expect a comprehensive patient view on demand,” noted Therasa Bell, president, Inofile. “Now healthcare organizations can realize the true potential of their EHR investment with an intuitive solution that makes their processes more efficient and their care more focused.”

About ICANotes
Designed by a psychiatrist, ICANotes is the most feature-rich and clinically robust software for behavioral health professionals. Now used by more than 7000 providers nationwide, ICANotes is best known for its unique button-driven narrative charting capability which enables clinicians to quickly create thorough documentation in less time. A narrative is created by pushing buttons which generate grammatically correct and highly personalized sentences. Minimal typing is required, and costly transcription is eliminated. ICANotes is clinician-centric and infinitely scalable, reliably meeting the needs of solo practitioners, group practices, and large agencies for more than 15 years. For more information on ICANotes, visit

About Inofile
Inofile technology creates vital links to simplify healthcare. Its groundbreaking software solves one of the most complex and overlooked problems facing healthcare, transforming unstructured medical information into a common, standards-based format. Inofile connects the healthcare continuum with simple, cost-effective technology designed to integrate into any patient care setting. Learn more at

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