Rick Sandlas


Born in the West and raised in central Maryland, the journey of self education began early with electronics, drafting and many of the construction trades. When an impetuous flight of youth led to a Los Angeles move in the mid-eighties, his self-taught journey continued with stints in personal training, security and several entrepreneurial small companies.
This led inadvertently to a PR career at a small boutique agency that was one of the first performance based agencies to offer a quantifiable return on investment, in the country. Helping this company grow and expand for nearly 10 years was Rick’s first taste of success and growth. At this point in time a love of computers began with his first windows 3.1 barely single core machine
After moving back to the East Coast and finding the PR space hyper focused on a lack of college degree, the  journey led him to a PR software company that wanted to build their own data, Rick’s experience with the competition led him to another unconventional career path in data research, analysis and content management. Once again, after nearly another decade an ironic M&A brought these competitors under the same company umbrella, and is usually the case it’s “adapt or out,” and so a year in technical support was added to the list. Rick is an avid computer gamer, film buff and homesteading enthusiast and would like to add the title author to his repertoire.

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