Mark Conrad

Partner, Lead Product Developer

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Mark grew up near Washington, D.C. He went to Vassar College, then completed a Masters degree in Psychobiology from the Univ. of Michigan where he studied visual perception. Not wanting to spend his life in a research lab with monkeys, he trained in Chinese Medicine in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and practiced acupuncture for five years.

Mark started to teach himself programming in 1986 after he saw a six year old make a drawing using the mouse on a Macintosh. He has worked as a consultant designing FileMaker database systems at the Dept. of Energy, Qwest Telecom, GE, and most recently a five year stint at Eli Lilly prior to joining ICANotes.

Mark never seems to settle down - he just loves to be stimulated by new challenges. He also loves to listen to music, ride his mountain bike, teach Yoga, and take long walks with his wife.

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