ICANotes Launches New Support Ticketing System

On Monday, February 3, ICANotes is excited to go live with its new support ticketing system. This new system will help us address your questions more efficiently and more effectively. Here are some of the major improvements you will experience:

  • We can now respond to your questions with screenshots and screen recordings, so you will receive your own personalized video tutorial explaining exactly how to resolve your issue.
  • Our knowledge base is integrated in our ticketing system, making it possible for us to email you detailed, step-by-step instructions to many common questions.
  • We have a new Customer Support Portal which allows you instant access to your open tickets and their status as we work to respond to your request. This portal also enables you to search our knowledge base, and even suggests relevant articles which may resolve your issue as you enter a new ticket. Finally, the portal has a "Community" area where you can engage in discussions with other ICANotes users. 

We will formally roll out the new support portal on March 3, but customers interested in accessing the portal before then are encouraged to contact us. We are interested in having feedback from beta users. Using the portal requires a unique email address in our system for each ICANotes user. Over the next several weeks we will be reaching out to our customers to verify email addresses and collect answers to some security questions so that we can also launch an automated password reset capability.

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