Eating Disorder Notes

ICANotes is an intuitive computer-assisted notes program that makes it possible to thoroughly document eating disorder treatment with no typing. ICANotes has thousands of pre-formatted template buttons arranged in clinically logical ways that allow you to quickly create detailed and individualized clinical notes by simply pushing buttons. ICANotes then automatically self codes at the maximum level of reimbursement supported by your note.
Please take a few minutes to watch this short video which shows how you can quickly create a complete evaluation and a progress note for a patient whose chief complaint is an eating disorder. Eating disorder clinics like Veritas CollaborativePuente de Vida and Selah House are using ICANotes to document meal behavior, dietary orders, session notes, goals, and mental status exams. ICANotes enables the entire treatment team to update each patient's chart electronically with the level of detail required to ensure successful claims reimbursement. Take a look at this sample chart for a patient with an eating disorder: Stacey Smith
It took our clinical specialist only 8 minutes to create the initial assessment with minimal typing and no dictating, and only 4 minutes to create the progress note.

Here’s what one of our customers has to say:

"I am a very busy man and do not have time to waste trying to find scattered paperwork, patient records, and charts. ICANotes has helped my business and time management tremendously. With a click of a button everything is there, from patient information, patient notes, and insurance information. ICANotes is efficient, effective, and the interface is easy to follow. I can now focus on the more important aspects of my business rather than having to worry about endless amounts of paperwork."

Stephen Schaefer, L.C.S.W., B.C.D.
Puente de Vida, San Diego, CA

Sgn up for a free trial of ICANotes, or request a live demo. Alternately, you can view more of our online videos to see the program in action.

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