Dave Fencik

Partner, Product Developer, and IT Manager

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Dave grew up in Moonachie, NJ (A real place.)  He is an identical twin and a born computer expert.  He began taking things apart as soon as he could walk and wrote his first computer program on a Commodore 64 when he was 8.  He was voted "most intellectual" of his high school class.  He was a Computer Science major at Rutgers and seems to know everything there is to know about computers, the Internet, and hacking....er, computer security.

Dave began providing advice to ICANotes while he was still in college and joined the company soon after graduating.  He oversaw every technical aspect of the early company, including the all important migration from a simple, stand-alone program to an internet program based in a data center in a server farm.  Dave is happiest solving technical problems, monitoring and integrating cutting edge technologies into ICANotes.

Dave enjoys the outdoors.  His favorite activities are running, cycling, snowboarding, and snorkeling.  He is proud to ride his bicycle into town every day to drink coffee at the local coffee shop and visit the local market.

Dave found the girl of his dreams and married her.  They currently live in Maywood, NJ.


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