Copy and Paste function stops working


There are two components of the Copy Paste Function that must be functional for the whole process to work properly. Ironically, Microsoft Office applications seem to break the client side semi-frequently. However, we have implemented a fix server side and have a client side fix available also.

Ideally, to prevent it from breaking in the first place it is best to not have Microsoft Office applications running if you will need the copy/paste function within an RDP session(Such as ICANotes). We do understand this may not be realistic depending on your practice needs, so you may instead routinely repair the copy/paste function doing the following:

1) ICANotes side fix: Go to Chart Room-->Click on "Settings+Directories"-->Click on "Fix My Clipboard" - No feedback is provided.
Test copy/paste, if still not working go to step 2.

2) Client side fix: Go to  --> Hover over the "For Customers" menu --> Hover over the menu item "ICANotes Support"--> Click the link for "Downloads" --> Click on the link labeled "Fix My Clipboard (Client Side)" or click on this link Save the file to a convenient location like your desktop or My Documents. Once the RDPFixClip.exe is on your computer, double-click on it to fix your client side clipboard function (You may see a black DOS window for a brief second while it works), then test your clipboard function again.

If the above fails to resolve the issue, it is best to log off your ICANotes session (Not just disconnect), then reboot your local computer and reconnect to ICANotes and try again.

Please call our support line if you continue to have issues beyond this or need assistance following the process.
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