Chad Roffall


Originally from Texas, Chad's family moved to Northern Virginia when he was 15. When he was young, Chad aspired to be a vet because of his love for animals. But as a freshman in high school, his geometry teacher told him that he had the perfect thought process to work with computers. He took his first computer class as a sophomore and it has been a long-lasting love affair since.
After graduating from high school, Chad began his career working at CompUSA in the tech shop. He learned that he has a real knack for technology and since then has done a little bit of everything. He worked at Mitre/CAASD for 3 years doing scripting in Perl. He also has provided help desk support for a few different companies and spent time learning how to monitor network flow. Most recently, he has been working with networking hardware. He finds that what he enjoys most about technology is the challenge of keeping up with an ever-changing environment.
In his free time, Chad's love of computers still shows. He builds and works on computers for himself and his friends. He also enjoys reading and gaming. His favorite author is Stephen King, particularly the Dark Tower series. He plays all types of games with his friends including board games, card games, and video games. Most of his gaming time goes into World of Warcraft, and he was just recently invited to help with the beta test of the new expansion.

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